Sunday, April 21, 2013

Step Six: Moving On

We were entirely ready to have the Goddess remove all these defects of character

What do I see myself doing with the qualities I wish to attain? If I want spiritual peace, I must walk the Black Path and follow my Higher Power to higher states of awareness.  If I want to publish a book, I have to work on it.  If I want to be calm, I have to stop worrying so much about the little shit.

What will I do with my career? What career? I've blown that one out of the water irreversibly.

What will I do with my spare time? Be more creative, be more spiritual and be there for the people that love me and that I love.

What kind of parent, child, partner or  friend will I be? I can raise a daughter far better with a clear heart and a focused mind.  I will reach out to my partner instead of holding it in.  I will return favors instead of just taking them, and I will not brush off others' feelings so easily.

Empathy is my biggest flaw.  No, I take that back.  Giving a fuck is my defect here, and when it's an inconvenience to me I rarely lift a finger.  My give-a-fuck meter is stuck on "nuh-uh."  I want it at least in the "tepid" state at worst.  I don't want to be a user anymore.  I don't want to have nothing to offer in return.

Going on and on I have the future in my hands
~Ghost out